Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 at New Hartley First School!
  • Mr Jordan Routledge

    Class Teacher

Dukeshouse Wood
Move it week
We had lots of fun during our first dance lesson with our new dance instructor Sophie. It was a great way to start Monday morning and the last half-term of year 4! We look forward to more dancing over the next few weeks!
Invertebrate hunt
In science we were looking at different classifications of invertebrates. We were looking in the forest school area for a range of invertebrates and collecting the data we found. 
Cultural Diversity Day
To mark Cultural Diversity Day, we continued our art work on patterns inspired by nature when looking at examples of African patterns. We looked at examples from countries such as Ghana, Zimbabwe and Rwanda where bright coloured geometric and symbolic patterns are used to tell a story or to represent nature. 
Daily Mile
We have recently launched the Daily Mile in Year 4 and across the school. This is a great way to burn off energy, develop determination and resilience and to get fit and active. 
Video messages to Year 4 
Remote / Home Learning
Notice for Parents/Carers:
At the beginning of each week  I will provide an overview for the week that indicates in school learning and suggested activities for remote/home learning.  It will be displayed here along with any resources or web links. 
Please remember that these are suggestions and you may well have other ideas or activities that link with the same objectives that you'd like to use alongside these plans. 
The resources I share do not need to be printed. Instead they are intended to help you in delivering the activities to your child. If you have access to a printer and prefer to print that is your choice. 
I hope you find the structure helpful, and please remember I am always available via email/school app to answer queries and support you. 
Home Learning Advice and Links
Please find below all links to useful website/apps: - a safe, secure site with access to a range of games and activities from a range of subjects. Please note: There is a 'parent help video' available to click on, above the login details, when you open this link.
The video guides you to some of the key programs you and your child can access through school360, including: Northumberland's Home Learning page, BBC Bitesize, j2e and more. Have fun!
Times Tables Rockstars - children are able to practise their recall of multiplication and division facts to support their fluency in maths. - this site has now produced year group specific home learning tasks and short videos to help teach concepts. Click the year 4 icon to gain free access to resources and video lessons with linked activities.