Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 at New Hartley First School!
  • Mrs Lyndsay Gates

    Class Teacher

  • Mrs Deborah Berry

    Teaching Assistant

Home Learning!
It looks like year 4 have already been hard at work at home!! It is so lovely to see you all engaging in the tasks which we have suggested, while also spending essential quality time with your family. Keep the pictures coming!
Home Learning Advice and Links
Please find below all links to useful website/apps: - a safe, secure site with access to a range of games and activities from a range of subjects.  - with access to a range of digital books and linked activities. - with access to a range of age appropriate maths based games - children are able to practise their recall of multiplication and division facts to support their fluency in maths
Other key sites to visit include: - this site has now produced year group specific home learning tasks and short videos to help teach concepts. Click the year 4 icon to gain free access to resources and video lessons with linked activities. Eggs makes learning to read interesting and engaging for kids, with great online reading games and activities. This website/app is offering free access for parents.
Please see below for additional links/advice related to children's recent and future learning.
All of the following activities are linked to our recent learning in year 4. I have also added usefulprintables which can be completed at home, if you have access to a printer, however much of this content can be accessed via the various apps which children now have access to.
Maths - children could revisit their understanding of fractions. Can they find 1/2, 1/4, 2/4, 1/3 of an object (represented by shading), a set of objects of a given number. What does the top number (numerator) in the fraction represent? What does the bottom number (denominator) represent? Children could create their own colourful pizza and cut it into quarters or thirds. How do they know they have successfully created thirds? (because they have split their pizza into three EQUAL parts). What would their pizza look like if it was split into fifths? (it would have 5 segments altogether). The 'TopMarks' website also have a range of interative maths game, follow this link for those linked to fractions and decimals:
Literacy - Children's next book to support their learning will be the poem 'Jabberwocky' by Lewis CArroll. There are many videos of this poem being read on YouTube which could initiate discussions between parents and children about the content of the poem to support their understanding. 
Below you will find a range of activities to support children's reading and writing, specifically the use of the possessive apostrophe. You can also follow this link for a range of interative games linked to the use of the apostrophe:
Art - If children could have access to a small circle of material (about 10cm in diameter) and a needle and thread, they could practise their stitching and gathering material skills. They will keep you right!!
Music - - warm up songs, usually with actions, just for fun! - a few good exercises to warm up your voice with - musicianship skills for singers - musicianship skills videos from NYCGB  sight reading activity for singers 


Computing - Scratch and Lightbot are excellent apps for children to develop their coding skills. Lightbot can be accessed via this link:
The following website is also very good (Frozen themed):
Science - Children have been learning about Electricity. Children could begin to consider which materials are good conductors and which are insulators. The following links takes you to BBC which has a range of videos explaining electricity:
History/Geography - The children's historical and geographical learning for next term will be rooted in the Anglo-Saxons, focusing on settlements and landuse. Please follow this link for a range of relevant videos:
RE - Children have been learning about Moses and the Exodus/Passover. The film 'The King of Egypt' links nicely. This can be rented via Googleplay for a small fee via the following link:
PE - If they are able to do so safely, children can practise their forward rolls and teddy bear rolls. 'The Body Coach' Joe Wicks is now also streaming live PE lessons at 9am each morning through his youtube channel:
Additionally, the Spring 2 Homework Grid will be a great place to start if you a looking for practical activities to complete with your children.
If you copy and paste the following link into your browser, it will take you to a free 'home learning' pack tailored to year 4 children:
This link may require that you sign up to the Twinkl website, in which case you will need the following offer code to gain free access: CVDTWINKLHELPS.
What we get up to in Year 4!
These photos will give you a sneak peak into some of the activities we get up to in our lessons. 
Autumn Term
Spring Term
News and Information
Take a look at our parent information sheet to find out what we are learning about in Year 4. 
This will be updated half termly. 
British Science Week
Children explored 'Our Diverse Planet' and within that we considered how we are all diverse. We conducted an experiment to work out what type of taster we are: non-taster, taster or super taster. 64% of the class are super-tasters meaning that they may find bitter tastes unpleasant! 
We also learned about famous scientists, in particular Marie Curie. It is important that children understand that, although the field of Science has been dominated by males, females have made significant contributions to this area and continue to do so! 
Year 4 'share a book' Coffee Morning
We had a wonderful morning welcoming year 4 parents and carers to our coffee morning. The children told parents about 'Varmints', the book which we have been reading in our Literacy lessons, however, explained that we know that reading is about more than just learning! In year 4 we read every day for pleasure and the children loved spending the morning in a comfy spot, sharing their favourite books with their parents and carers.