Year 1

Each week  I will provide a remote learning overview that indicates suggested activities for remote/home learning with all necessary web-links and resources.
Please remember that these are suggestions and you may well have other ideas or activities that link with the same objectives that you'd like to use alongside these plans. 
The resources I share do not need to be printed. Instead they are intended to help you in delivering the activities to your child.
I hope you find these helpful, and please remember I am always available via email/school app to answer queries and support you. 
Many thanks, 
Mrs Banks 
This Week's Planning 
Summer 2 Week 5 - 5.7.2021 & Week 6 - 12.7.2021
This Week's English Resources
Please also refer to the Sum2 Wk5 & Wk6 Weekly Overview document above.
Use the links below to access free online games that your child can play to practice reading and spelling. 
In addition to the spelling rule, this week's whole class focus HFW / CEW are: 
Week 5: by, came, come, he, his          Week 6: me, my, no, of, same
We will add to these focus words each week and over time build sight vocabulary and spelling of all Year 1 Common Exception Words (CEW) most of which are also from the first 100 High Frequency Words (HFW).
Encourage your child to read these words on sight and spell them correctly in all written tasks, supporting and/or correcting as appropriate. 
This Week's Maths Resources
Each day you will have access to a video to help deliver the focus maths objective. Please note where a video is labelled 'activity' this will be a practical session only. Where a video is labelled 'task' this will have a corresponding questions page for your child to answer.  
Use the link below to play a fun online game that will help your child to practice counting in multiples of 2, 5 and 10. 
This Week's Topic / Themed Resources
Please see the weekly overview document above for details and guidance for this week's history and music tasks. I'm sure you will be able to have some fun with them and look forward to seeing what you come up with! 
Can you follow these 'How to draw...' videos to create your own animal pictures? 
Challenge yourself with these more advanced 'How to draw...' videos! 
Previous Planning and Resources
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