Year 2

Welcome to Year 2
  • Miss S Miller

    Class Teacher

  • Mrs V Hewison

    Learning Support Assistant

Our whole school theme in Autumn term is "Aspirations"
In Year 2 so far we have really enjoyed getting to know our new classroom, teacher (Miss Miller) and year group. We have been working hard in many different subjects. We have been getting active in PE using dance and movement to express ourselves and learning to play a range of games to warm up and cool down – our favourite cool down is sleeping lions!!!! Zzzz
Our handwriting is coming along really well  and we are trying our best to start joining our letters! We have impressed Miss Miller so far with our neat joining.
Our favourite morning activity is Go Noodle to get our brains awake and our bodies moving first thing in the morning ready to learn!!!
What we get up to in
Year 2