Physical Education

Intent statement: PE at New Hartley First School strives to promote sport and PE as a medium to inspire an active healthy generation. We aim to encourage healthy competitive spirit whilst maintaining core sporting values of respect, fair play, honesty and cooperation and collaboration. By providing a varied opportunity for a range of sports, we support children in their physical, emotional, spiritual, cognitive and moral development. We aim to promote healthy lifestyle choices that children will take beyond their time at New Hartley. 

EYFS - What PE looks like in EY

PE in the early years setting at NFHS is focused on the development of fundamental skills and gross motor control. Through various engaging and stimulating games with external coaches, children practise negotiating space and obstacles safely, with consideration for themselves and others; children develop strength, balance and coordination when playing and children move energetically, such as running, jumping, dancing, hopping, skipping and climbing. This is further supported through participation in the Daily Mile, use of the trim-trail obstacle course, taking part in ‘Get off Stabiliser’s bike session and use of play equipment in the early years yard. Children in reception and nursery will have the opportunity to practise a range of movements when participating in gymnastics, dance and yoga. 

Relevant to NHFS specifically: At New Hartley we offer a range of different sports, activities and disciplines (multi-skills, yoga, football, rugby, gymnastics, athletics, tennis, cycling, dance and the ‘Daily Mile’.) PE is pertinent to our whole school themes of aspirations, sustainability and equality. 

What PE helps to develop in the wider curriculum and beyond

PE has the potential to develop children’s physical and mental health. Exercise has a positive impact on the physiological and biochemical regulation of emotions and mood. PE can stimulate children to be more active physically and mentally which will make them more awake, alert and regulate their mood which will in turn enable them to be engaged when accessing other areas of the curriculum. Yoga for example can bring a calming effect which can allow children to settle into the mindset for learning. 

Accessing a range of PE activities from cycling to yoga can give children the platform to succeed and inturn develop their emotional and physical resilience and confidence to foster a positive attitude towards school and learning. The use of the Commando Joe’s box and curriculum has the potential to make direct links to history, geography, literacy and maths and our whole school themes of aspirations, sustainability and equality. 

Learning about the physical effects of exercise link directly to science topics on the human body (bones, muscles, oxygen, lungs, heart rate etc.)

Aspirations links

PE at New Hartley encourages children to be brave and challenge themselves to try something new.  The use of Commando Joe’s equipment and curriculum can develop children’s physical and emotional resilience. Cycling with Richard Rothwell encourages children to develop resilience and can inspire children to learn/develop cycling skills and confidence.

Sustainability links

PE at New Hartley aims to promote the importance of sustainable travel. During walk to school month we encouraged children to walk, scoot or cycle to school. A number of Commando Joe’s ‘missions’ link to the school theme of sustainability. For example, a unit on the work of gorilla conservationist Kira Salak.

Equality links

Turn taking in CJ’s and other team games (changing roles and listening to others). The CJ’s RESPECT curriculum lends itself well to the theme of equality. There are many opportunities to explore this through CJ’s units of work. For example turn taking, changing roles in activities, teamwork and listening to the opinions of others all occur during the practical elements of the activities and during the reflective section of the session. This allows children to develop an understanding of others.