Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 at New Hartley First School! 
Our whole school theme in Spring term is "Sustainability".
The time is NOW. Year 3 have become eco-warriors, this term, to help spread the sustainability message. We will be exploring plastic reduction, re-use and recycling in order to reduce the impact on our planet (looking closely at rivers). We will be making as many cross-curricular links as we can to become well-rounded citizens of the Earth!
"What humans do over the next 50 years will determine the fate of all life on our planet"
David Attenborough
Due to schools closing, we have provided a link to a home learning pack provided by Twinkl, free of charge, that is suitable for children in Year 3. This is a quick and easy way to gain quick access to a large pack full of age related resources.
You can access this here by copy and pasting the following into your search bar: 
If you require more resources, please look below :).
ADDITIONAL  HOME LEARNING RESOURCES AND WEBSITES - a safe, secure site with access to a range of games and activities from a range of subjects.  - with access to a range of digital books and linked activities. - with access to a range of age appropriate maths based games - children are able to practise their recall of multiplication and division facts to support their fluency in maths
Other key sites to visit include: - this site has now produced year group specific home learning tasks and short videos to help teach concepts. Click the year 3 icon to gain free access to resources and video lessons with linked activities. Eggs makes learning to read interesting and engaging for kids, with great online reading games and activities. This website/app is offering free access for parents.
Music - - warm up songs, usually with actions, just for fun! - a few good exercises to warm up your voice with - musicianship skills for singers - musicianship skills videos from NYCGB  sight reading activity for singers 


RE -
Children have been learning about Moses and the Exodus/Passover. The film 'The King of Egypt' links nicely. This can be rented via Googleplay for a small fee via the following link:
PE - For PE resources, please find them located in the Sport Premium section under Parent Information. I highly recommend PE with Joe Wicks, after trying it myself!
Design Technology - After learning about a Shuduf this half term, can your child build their own Shaduf using levers and linkages (I will post a video or picture of my own homemade shaduf next week so watch this space!)?
For more curriculum based activities similar to what children where doing in class, please find our Homework activity sheet for Spring 1 below.
Every Monday, I will be posting a quiz of 5 questions/activities based on children's prior learning, in Year 3 so far. Feel free to message on School Comms if your child is unsure of anything I have asked or to brag about how well they have done. I would love to hear it. 
  • Mr Matthew Milton


General Election 2019
In year 3, we have looked closely at Europe, geographically. We have used our newfound geographical knowledge to create travel brochures and encourage people to visit Europe. We decided to take this a step further and understand what the European Union was and gain a better understanding of Brexit considering the news is full of this topic, currently. We created balanced arguments discussing if we should stay in the European Union and held our own in class referendum. We then decided to post a letter and our balanced arguments to the Houses of Parliament addressed to both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn on General Election day.
In response to our Brexit balanced arguments, that were sent to parliament, we have received not one but TWO letters from representatives of the Prime Minister. We were pleased to hear that our points were passed on to the Department for Exiting the European Union. We feel like we have really made an impact!
You can see these letter below.
BBC Newcastle Visit
As a hook to get us all thinking about writing a news report about Brexit, we decided to take a trip to see how the professionals presented the news and weather at BBC Newcastle. We had a fantastic time reading out fictional news stories, presenting the weather and learning about how green screens work! We definitely have some aspiring news presenters and journalists after our experience.
Stone Age Den Building
As part of our studies of the Stone Age, in History, we received a wonderful den building experience, delivered by Chris at Artforms Leeds. We discovered how those living in the Stone Age adapted to survive by building settlements. We aspired to work together as part of a team to construct a livable den in order to survive the cruel and unforgiving environment of Stone Age times.