Staff Profiles and Responsibilities

  • Mrs K. Dowdney

    Head Teacher

  • Miss R. Walker

    Early Years Lead (TLR) & Reception/Nursery Teacher

  • Mrs S. Cowie

    Nursery Teacher

  • Miss S. Miller

    Year 2 Class Teacher

  • Mrs L. Gates

    Year 4 Class Teacher

  • Mrs S. Bower

    Early Years PPA Teacher

  • Mrs D. Berry

    Learning Assistant & Lunch-time Supervisor

  • Miss J. Casey

    Learning Assistant

  • Mrs J. Knibbs

    Learning Support Assistant

  • Mrs T. Rothery

    Lunchtime Assistant

  • Mrs M. Watson

    Lunchtime Assistant

  • Mrs R. Lamb

    Kitchen Assistant

  • Mrs V. Frost

    School Manager & Designated Deputy

  • Mrs J. Armstrong


  • Mrs J. Banks

    Year 1 Teacher

  • Mr M. Milton

    Year 3 Class Teacher

  • Mr N. Benefield

    PPA Teacher

  • Miss A. Lennox

    Admin Assistant

  • Mrs Hewison

    Learning Assistant

  • Mrs T. Thompson

    Learning Assistant

  • Ms J. Worthington

    Lunchtime Assistant and Cleaning Assistant

  • Mr J. Oliver

    Caretaker and Lunchtime Assistant

  • Mr K. Belshaw

    School Cook