September 2010

Our last Ofsted inspection took place in September 2010. We were graded as a good school with several outstanding features. Ofsted inspections can be a stressful time for all involved. It is not always easy to relax and be at your best. It is essential that open and honest self assessments are made prior to an inspection. In addition, establishing a good working relationship with inspectors is essential. As a school we felt our last inspection provided a very fair assessment of our school and we were happy with the outcome. However, we believe we have continued to respond and improve and are stronger than we were in 2010. We also recognise that there is still room for improvement - and there always will be!

September 2015 brings another framework for the school to consider. This is the 6th adaptation in the last nine years, with a further adaptation next September. This places a considerable strain on staff and governing bodies who are continually looking to raise standards in school within a climate of constant change. As a school we have felt the effect of this over the last year. Retiring staff and departing governors cited the pressures of observation and inspection as key factors in the decision to leave. However, I am delighted with our recent appointments and the positve approach to ensure that New Hartley will rise to the new challenges and continue to provide a vibrant learning environment for our children

Please click on download to read the school's Ofsted report 2010.