Supporting our parents of pupils with SEND with remote learning

We understand that children with SEND can have more challenges which can make things extremely difficult for parents. Please take note of the tips below and do not hesitate to get in touch with our school SENDCo Mrs Armstrong if you need any further support, guidance or advice.

  • PLEASE  "don't be too hard on yourself"  – this is a huge challenge and all you can do is your best
  • Celebrate what’s going well, and  be honest when things aren’t working
  • You can change things if they're causing stress, and we can help you to come up with creative solutions
  • Try to aim for a consistent routine, e.g. breakfast and lunch at the same time as on a normal school day. But do not to worry about maintaining a rigid structure if it isn't working
  • Embrace the flexibility that comes with remote learning, e.g. if it’s easier to do maths work in the morning, but the expectation is PE, change it around. You can always make adjustments for for the children: as long as the learning is happening, it doesn't matter when it’s happening

Here are some recommended pre-made resources for pupils with SEND who are learning remotely: