School improvement is the key driving force every single day. The staff, children, parents and governors share a common goal to ensure that we try to improve at all levels. We know that New Hartley is a good school. We know there are times when things are outstanding. We are also aware that we can all have days when things don't quite go to plan. However, we believe in adopting a positive outlook to ensure we get the best from every situation. We are open, honest, purposeful and happy. We all enjoy being part of New Hartley and being able to contribute to improvement.
We have regular meetings with a local authority schoool improvement partner, and this results in a detailed report identifying our strengths and key areas for improvement. David Wilson has been appointed as our improvement partner for 2016-17. He is the 10th school improvement partner I have worked with since I was appointed Head in March 2007. This is clearly an area that needs to be addressed by the LA to ensure that effective school improvement is built around secure and understanding relationships. I hope the new head teacher has more success in this area!