July 2016

Ofsted arrived on Wednesday June 15th. It was 5 years and 9 months since our last inspection. Staff have been expecting a visit for some time. Each day, for the last two years, there has always been a concern about receiving the phone call from Ofsted, so in many ways it was a relief. There have also been four different frameworks in the same period. This requires schools to constantly adjust levels of accountability in different areas. What does not change are the requirements in relation to progress and attainment.
Belita Scott, Her Majesty's Inspector, spent a day analysing and questioning in all areas of the school. Staff, children, parents and governors were all asked to contribute. Our own self evaluations and assessments were central to the process. The bar has certainly been raised several times since September 2010. Given the recent changes to the framework, the curriculum and levels of attainment, we felt we were still a good school. Ofsted agreed!
There are some areas to focus on from the report. However, we still recognise that there are many more areas for improvement - and there always should be. Likewise, areas in which we excel still require hard work to maintain that level. I am sure we will all work together to give our children a very positive learning experience by looking to continuously improve what we provide.
A big thanks to everyone who ensured we received such a good report.