January 2017

1st January 2017
24th January
Shortlisting for the new head teacher took place this afternoon.
23rd January

Mr. Dey is spending 3 days in London working at the Houses of Parliament.

Mr. Wright is interviewing potential trainee teachers at Northumbria University today.


20th January

Richard Rothwell in school deliver a 'Stabiliser Free' cycling session.


19th January

School Census Day. This happens three times a year.


17th January
Mrs. Dowdney is not well. She is unlikely to be in for the rest of the week.

Skipping Tutorial for Year 2 was well received.


16th January

Mr. Wright was interviewing at Northumbria University today.


13th January

Multi-Skills testing for children in Years 3 and 4. Four will be selected to represent the school over the next few weeks.

Meeting for a new initiative today -'Outdoor Play and Learning'. We are looking to use our grounds in more depth to develop play and learning. More information to follow.

12th January
Website sections for news and HT Blog have been update. It looks like all previous news entry for this month have 'disappeared'. Summary of main events so far this term listed below.
  • All staff involved in moderation activities on the SVLP Training Day.
  • Full-time Nursery starts.
  • Miss Walker and Mrs. Bower have a shared responsibility in Nursery.
  • New starters have been excellent.
  • Mr. Dey delivered a Literacy session at Northumbria University.
  • Mr. Wright has been interviewing at Northumbria.
  • Mr. Benefield has joined the school on a full time contract.
Property In section Valuation undertaken by the LA.