2014-15 was very much a year of change in education. Schools were encouraged to make attainment judgements without using levels to record the information. We worked with schools within our partnership to try and develop a system that each school could use to enable a smooth transition of information between the phases. This proved to be quite challenging. A decision was made to adopt a scheme called 'Learning Ladders'. It appeared to have great potential. A lot of time was invested but the package could not be delivered as required. This created a lot of uncertaintity for all class teachers. Unfortunately, we were unable to reach agreement for one system.

At New Hartley, we have worked as a whole staff to develop a tracking system that will feed into the Local Authority data systems. From September 2015 have been using four words, 'Emerging, Developing, Secure and Mastered', to assess and track progress. Assessments will be made based on professional judgements of staff by observing work on a day to day basis and a variety of testing measures. Year 2 will still have SATs in May. 

We are now  18 months into our data and progress tracking system. We are very pleased with the format and are finding the system to be an invaluable tool. I am pleased to say that early concerns with regard to moderation across the partnership have not been as difficult as I anticipated.

Here is a link to the schools page on the DfE Education site.