Thank you for your support in fundraising for Children in Need. The coffee morning and non uniform day raised £322.57


Our School Vision

Our vision for teaching and learning is:

  • For every child to experience high quality teaching and to have access to engaging and varied learning experiences.
  • To foster a love of learning and develop enquiring minds.
  • To enable every child to see the value of mistake making and never be afraid to try.

In addition as a school we:

  • Have high expectations of all pupils and staff
  • Use a creative curriculum and enrichment activities to inspire a love of learning and the development of children as confident and well-rounded individuals.
  • Create a school environment where children feel safe and exhibit good behaviour, which supports good learning and leads to positive relationships between children and between adults and children.
  • Serve the community- working hard to secure excellent links with parents/carers and the community.
  • Support fundraising activities for the benefit of all stakeholders.

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