Hope you are all staying safe and well. We look forward to the safe return of each and every child as soon as possible. Best wishes from all of the staff!

Our School Vision

Our vision for teaching and learning is:

  • For every child to experience high quality teaching and to have access to engaging and varied learning experiences.
  • To foster a love of learning and develop enquiring minds.
  • To enable every child to see the value of mistake making and never be afraid to try.

In addition as a school we:

  • Have high expectations of all pupils and staff
  • Use a creative curriculum and enrichment activities to inspire a love of learning and the development of children as confident and well-rounded individuals.
  • Create a school environment where children feel safe and exhibit good behaviour, which supports good learning and leads to positive relationships between children and between adults and children.
  • Serve the community- working hard to secure excellent links with parents/carers and the community.
  • Support fundraising activities for the benefit of all stakeholders.

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